2021 Mercedes S-Class First Drive! Untouchable Tech King!

Here is the new S580 V8 EQ Hybrid, of the w223 new 2021 #SClass generation! #MercedesBenz have invited us out to a very wet Stuttgart for a few hours only, to test the New S, so I’m going to focus fully on the drive experience, and the “being driven” experience too!

#Mercedes have been given a hard time on the interior design of the S Class, and rightly so! It’s controversial with the two huge screens. But as we will discover today, they are merely a form factor for the insanely advanced MBUX Operating System that helps revolutionise the experience of driving the new S-Class.

The advanced ambient lighting in the new S Class is my favourite feature. It’s not just about making the interior pretty anymore, now it interacts with you via the MBUC Voice Assistant, and like a sensor detects who is talking!! We ask it some random things and you’ll be surprised by the answers!

But is it S Class enough in the way you feel driving it and being driven in it?

Today we explore:

– Interior of the New S Class
– Advanced Ambient Lighting
– MBUX interior voice assistant
– The two big screens
– New S Class Driving Full Review
– Comfort driving
– Technology and Safety features
– Rear Axle steering
– Level 3 autonomous driving Mercedes
– Performance review
– Sitting in the back of the S Class
– MBUX Tablet
– Rear voice control
– Rear driving review
– Conclusion

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