2021 Mercedes S-Class INTERIOR / Extremely Luxurious Large Sedan

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always had one of the best interiors, whether it be the swaths of high-end leather, the latest technology, or the sheer amount of features on offer. But the company promises an even more upscale experience with its upcoming model – Mercedes has even gone so far as to dub the inside of the upcoming 2021 S-Class a “third place.” That is, a refuge between home and work.

One thing to look forward to when stepping inside of the 2021 S-Class is the new ambient lighting. Hundreds of fiber optics made of a totally transparent coating line the door panels and floorboards, each fiber optic fixture consisting of about 250 LED lights. The goal, Mercedes says, is for the new ambient lighting fixtures to create a single continuous line of light throughout the vehicle.

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