2023 Mercedes AMG EQE – Stunning Interior! (Giant Hyperscreen)

This is the all-new 2023 Mercedes AMG EQE electric powerful sedan. AMG EQE 43 (White) and AMG EQE 53 (Red) are shown in the video. Checkout interior and exterior design, features and driving overview.

The companion to the AMG EQS promises to be a bit sportier than its big sibling with a staggered tire setup and other performance options. 2023 Mercedes-AMG EQE got revealed recently and it offers up to 677 HP.

Mercedes-Benz’s electric lineup continues to grow with the Mercedes-AMG EQE. This new version of the electric sedan aims to match the performance of the big AMG EQS but in the EQE’s smaller package.

The AMG EQE53 raises the power level from the two electric motors to 617 horsepower and 701 pound-feet, and the addition of the optional Dynamic Plus package brings total power to a lofty 677 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph take a claimed 3.4 seconds in the standard car and 3.2 seconds with the package, and top speed is governed at either 137 or 149 mph. The torque routes through a single-speed transmission. A lower-powered AMG EQE43 model will be offered in Europe but not in the U.S.

AMG says it has upgraded the powertrain and cooling system for the 53 version. The motors are AMG-exclusive and the power distribution is rear-biased, and we fully expect the AMG EQE models to be ready for play and go sideways if the driver so desires. The battery pack is the same 90.6-kWh unit as the standard EQE, so range will likely be reduced compared with the less powerful non-AMG model.

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