300 CARS MERCEDES HEAVEN! The World’s Greatest 80s-90s AMG and Tuned-Benz Collection

Welcome to Mercedes paradise at the PatinaCollective! We’re visiting the number 1 80s-90s AMGs and Mercedes-Benz tuner cars collection on the planet. Join me with Vico and Daniel from the Patina Collective for a tour of this private collection with 300+ Mercedes-Benz cars!

We get started for the tour with our hosts in the main display room featuring some extraordinary machinery; multiple 190 Evo IIs including one previously owned by Jamiroquai, an SL73 built for the Brunei Royal Family, plenty of Koenig Specials, a 500 #SEC wearing the nose of a #600Pullman, and so many more. Considering the vast array and mix of cars, there’s nobody better to show us around than the founders and owners of The Patina Collective.

However, that’s not all, as we also need to head over to the Stadium, home to in excess of 150 cars in a temporary facility before it will be time to open a full museum to showcase all of these incredible machines. It’s here we have the Hammer, an R63, two pick-ups, plenty more ABC Specials, #Koenig Specials, cars from Gemballa, #Brabus, #RENNtech and so many more. I have honestly never seen anything like it!

I cannot thank Vico and Daniel enough for their time and openness to allow the full collection to be showcased in this way. This is just the start for the @PatinaCollective and the future is going to be very, very exciting! Make sure to catch their latest updates and constant new arrivals on their various channels, I’m certainly going to be returning again in future.

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