800 Horsepower!!! This Mercedes G-Wagon is so Wild

Brabus – The world’s biggest tuner for Mercedes-Benz has now tuned and modified the Mercedes G-wagon, G63 specifically, and pushed it to 800 Horsepower with the Brabus 800! Brabus swapped the stock turbos on the G63 G-wagon for a set of high compression turbos, a custom Brabus exhaust, and incredible tune, and much more.

Besides all the extra power, Brabus has widened out the standard Mercedes G63 with their Widestar wide body kit for the G-wagon. The Widestar bodykit for the G63 uses incredibly high quality carbon fiber all around, and makes the G wagon even more beefy and masculine than in standard form.

Between the 800 horsepower engine, the monstrous sounding loud Brabus exhaust, the Brabus Widestar G63 body kit, and the unbelievably refined Brabus Tune, the Mercedes G wagon is now a Super SUV unlike anything else on the road.

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