HERE IT IS!!! A true custom project that we all loved over the last few months. It all started when a very good client of ours had an idea to have his 4×4 chopped… We started this project with an open mind and lots of ideas. We decided to build something as close to factory look as possible with an open top experience thats totally functional. The original Maybach Landaulet was one of our heavy inspirations as it came from the Mercedes factory but was somewhat unattainable. The Maybach version has ultra expensive modifications and is also 2 foot longer, so we had to improvise… Cutting was easy, real easy…. The tough part comes in the details. Getting it all properly lined up, cleaned up and ready for use. We made the custom C/D Pillars with custom glass to look like the Landualet (all in house). We made a custom electric rear seat that is 8 way adjustable! We had to redo the floorboard and floor carpeting since we did remove the existing rear seating. Lots of other little details had to be taken into consideration. The roof airbags had to stay intact. We did not want a single error message to be displayed in the cluster (we achieved this). Rear view camera still works even though it was up top before! Final step was to wrap the project with a unique but not overpowering color. We came up with the idea of having the exterior look like metal so matte chrome was chosen!

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