Driving the New Brabus 800 GLS 63 AMG, Start up, Rev off, Autobahn Run, Launch Control & Fly-by

Brabus 800 GLS is a brutal beast of a SUV.

I was invited to Germany by Brabus to test drive the new range of their SUV’s including the Brabus 800 GLS, Brabus 800 GLE and a new Rocket which is currently under embargo. Keep an eye out for 2 more videos coming soon on the Brabus 800 GLE and the secret Rocket!

For now, lets talk about the Brabus 800 GLS 63 AMG 2021. As I am sure you are aware, I always own a GLS 63 AMG in my collection. I have owned over 17 GLS 63’s over the years. This is the first time I have test drove the Brabus version of the Mercedes GLS 63 AMG.

Straight away I have fallen in love with the Brabus version of the GLS 63 AMG, 800bhp feels like a rocket launching as you put your foot down on the accelerator. Brabus 800 GLS feels faster than Lamborghini Urus which is incredible for such a huge car. The suspension has been stiffened which makes the car iron out the bends with ease. I really loved the downshifts, the titanium valve controlled exhaust system makes pops and crackles every time you change gears.

The interior of the Brabus 800 GLS feels much more luxurious with Brabus’s exclusive leather and the choices of colour are endless. I am seriously considering converting my GLS 63 AMG into the Brabus 800.

Overall the Brabus 800 GLS 2021 is more brutal, more luxurious and faster than the standard GLS 63 AMG. Well done to the guys @brabus for creating a true brutal monster!

Thanks to everyone @BRABUS for the super event and special thanks to Constantin Buschmann, Sven, Jorn and Marc.

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