Future Mercedes–Benz Silberpfeil Concept Race Car 2055

Project was made during my internship at Mercedes Benz Design in Sindelfingen/Germany in the summer of 2017.

Mercedes–Benz Silberpfeil Concept is a exploration race car to test new electric sportscar technology in the future. The car is meant to drive 24h races on 3D race tracks. In a 24h race, the driver is changed about every 2 hours nowadays. The new driver also takes his own racing seat into the race car. Thus, a pit stop takes a long time until the new driver sits in the car with his personal seat and is strapped. In electric racing cars, there is the additional problem with the charging time of the battery. For this reason, in the Mercedes – Benz 24h Concept, the driver ‘s cabin and battery consist of a connected part that can be disconnected from the rest of the vehicle so that the driver and battery can be changed at the same time. This means, that there is a new driver in a new cabin (already prepared, strapped etc.) waiting in the pit stop until the race car comes in to switch the cabin. The changable driver cabin and changable battery provide a fast pitstop and a big advantage in the race.

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