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Mercedes-Benz Driving Assistance & Safety Systems | Automatic Lane Change

Mercedes-Benz is in Las Vegas for CES 2023 to showcase “Tech to Desire” with several developments that will enrich the lives of its customers.

Automatic Lane Change (ALC) feature coming to North American market

Mercedes-Benz also announced the company’s new Automatic Lane Change (ALC)[1] feature, which will come to the North American market this year. ALC enables the car to automatically initiate a lane change and overtake slower vehicles with the cruise control engaged. The system is a further expansion stage of the Mercedes‑Benz SAE Level 2 partially automated driving feature, so the driver remains responsible at all times. To use ALC, the driver sets the speed of the adaptive distance cruise control function (Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC). The Active Steering Assist (activated by default) does the rest. The car continuously monitors its surroundings via its array of radar sensors and cameras to overtake slower cars while on the motorway. Having overtaken, the vehicle can assist moving back to the original lane. ALC can also initiate an automatic lane change to help follow the active route guidance when approaching exit ramps or freeway junctions.

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