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Mercedes-Benz W140 S70 AMG

This car is none other than a S70 AMG. It started out life as a standard S600 then was sent to the crazy folks at AMG Japan where it was converted from a 6.0 liter to a 7.0 liter. On top of that, they added front and rear AMG bumpers, some AMG wheels and enough wood for the interior to wipe out a small forest. It is in every way the most ultimate factory W140. (Well, maybe other than the S72 AMG) Just when I thought I had the whole story of this car, it got even crazier.

With this setup the S70 AMG would hit the 0-100km/h (0-60mp/h) mark in 5.2 seconds and it would keep going to about 300km/h (187mp/h) which is mind bobbling fast for a boat from the early 90’s. As you can see in the linked video a certain legend was able to drift one of these boats and even made it look easy!

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