My AMG GT R is Towed Out by the G63 6×6 Again!

I’m just having too much fun with the AMG GT R but yes, it’s stuck again… and again! With endless snow falling, although winter tyres allow you to get moving, if it gets too deep then they are useless when the car is beached. Fortunately though, @Gregb.23 is there to save the day and rescue me in style with Green Panzer, the G63 AMG 6×6. Except, who needs the 6×6 by when you also have a Panda 4×4 too!

I know it’s a bit silly to keep getting stuck but we’re having an awesome time misbehaving in the snow and just experimenting. At the end of the day it’s only snow, the 6×6 is around to help bail out anything that gets stuck and it’s all for amusement. If you want to see a GT R being treated like a garage queen, this is definitely not the channel for you!

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