New 2023 Brabus Super SUV G-Class 800 AMG G63 makes 789 horsepower || Oto BX1

Brabus presented its most famous operating times at the Geneva Motor Show. This super powerful Mercedes-Benz BRABUS G800 brings the new 800 horsepower “charged” SUV.
Weighing nearly 3 tons (2,700 kilograms), the G 800 iBusiness effortlessly makes 100 km per hour in 4.2 seconds, and this is despite not being at all aerodynamic in shape. Not easily outdone, this G-CLASS achieves a special electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h. And if you remove this limit, then 270 km / h.

Exterior design
Even in its branded G-Class 800 body kit, the Widestar is still a brutal black “brick” car. It has darkened optics, new radiator grille and rear bumper, and chrome exhaust pipes, as an option, matte black, made of stainless steel with a 2-valve volume switch, which is shown below the left rear sill. Hood-like air intakes and exclusive 23-inch wheels with thin paired spokes, in 3 versions with a new pattern, complement the existing changes.

In the G800 iBusiness cabin, the previously rear-facing single sofa has been replaced by a two-seat equipped with pull-out-table which provides all the conditions for the “big boss” to work effectively inside the G-Class 800 iBusiness. A small terminal with a refrigerator appears under the right hand driver. There are improved finishes (alcantara, wood and carbon fiber) with branded red thread stitching, metal padding on the pedals, neon lights of the thresholds popping. A special feature of the Mercedes-Benz Brabus G 800 iBusiness is the fact that all electronic systems are “tied” only with “Apple” technology, including all six monitors, two of which are built into the back of the chair, and the sound comes from special infrared wireless headphones. .
The steering wheel of this SUV has been slightly modified, giving it even more ergonomics and sportiness. And the speedometer scale borders on a chrome ring, increasing the 280 km / h mark.

The Mercedes-Benz Brabus 800 iBusiness was equipped with an improved version with a powerful turbocharger, 4 heat exchangers, another turbine and other minor modifications (modernization of the crankshaft, increased diameter of the cylinder and piston shafts, the cylinder head was equipped with a special cam shaft, etc.—) – standard twelve cylinder, 36-valve, V-shaped, 6 liter 275 M E 60 AL turbo.

As a result of these improvements under the hood fits 800 horses (182 more than starting counterpart), and this, with a record torque figure of 1.1 thousand N / m (electronically limited), accelerates the MB G-Class 800 one hundred kilometers in 4 .2 seconds (more than 1/4 of the previous version). analog start), quickly reached the electronically limited limit of a quarter thousand kilometers per hour.

Super specialists from Bilstein participated in setting up a special button that changes the characteristics of the suspension, including making it trigger automatically during critical operating modes. Special grilles are installed under the hood of the 800 horsepower Mercedes-Benz Brabus G 800 iBusiness to create the right temperature regime in the engine compartment.

“Atelier Brabus” will take you to Geneva the twin brothers of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 63 sedan Mercedes-Benz Brabus 850 GLS 63 characteristics that will help to accelerate it to 300 km/h unprecedented for Mercedes-Benz G 800, such as Bentley

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