OLD VS NEW GLE63 COUPE! Interior Exterior +SOUND Comparison 2021 vs. 2015 Review

Stuttgart. The new GLE Coupé from Mercedes-Benz combines the sportiness and elegance of a coupé with the technology of the new large premium-SUV model series from Mercedes-Benz. At the launch in the spring of 2020, powerful six-cylinder diesel engines in the form of the 350 d 4MATIC (combined fuel consumption 7.3-6.9 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 193-182 g/km) [1] and the 400 d 4MATIC (combined fuel consumption 7.4-6.9 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 195-183 g/km)1 will be initially available. Together with the new 4MATIC with torque-on-demand and a wheelbase which is 60 mm shorter than on the GLE SUV, they ensure a pleasurably dynamic driving experience. The GLE 350 de 4MATIC Coupé (weighted fuel consumption 1.3-1.1 l/100 km, weighted CO2 emissions 34-30 g/km, weighted power consumption 28.7-25.9 kWh/100 km)[2] as a plug-in hybrid will expand the range by a variant capable of driving up to 106 km with zero local emissions. At the same time, Mercedes-AMG is launching the GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupé (combined fuel consumption: 9.3 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 212 g/km)1.

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