2024 Mercedes AMG S63 – Comfort Wild Sport Sedan!

It missed a year of production, but the AMG S63 supersedan is back in a major way. Making use of the Mercedes-Benz S-class’s seventh-generation architecture, the S63 brings the glitz with more go than ever thanks to a new plug-in hybrid powertrain. Mercedes has dropped the previously offered coupe and convertible body styles and will offer the S63 as a sedan only, at least for now. Under the bonnet sits a familiar twin-turbo V-8 that, with the help of AMG’s rear electric motor, now produces a combined 791 horsepower and an astounding 1055 pound-feet of torque for its all-wheel drive system to try to put to the road. To ensure the S63 can get to speeds high enough to escape rising interest rates, AMG will allow its big-battery luxury sedan to reach speeds up to 180 mph. As a chariot for the wealthy with maximum performance in mind, the new AMG S63 is a quick and comfy way to usher in the industry’s electrified future.

What’s New for 2024?
After a short hiatus, the AMG-badged S-class makes its grand re-entry to the prestige-on-wheels class using the bones from the current production Benz S-class mated with a promising high-power hybrid powertrain.
Pricing and Which One to Buy
AMG S63 E Performance: $190,000 (est)

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