New E53 Coupé – Mr AMG on the first Hybrid AMG!

So following our review of the Facelift C43, we now must discover the newest member of the entry level AMGs, and the most powerful E Coupe you can get: the AMG E53! Previously we had the E43, which had the same V6 bi-turbo 4matic set up as the C43, but this is not a rebadging, this is a whole new drive train and it’s actually the first AMG hybrid car to be released! Mercedes’ Electric brand is called “ EQ “, and this car marries EQ power to a new inline 6 turbo engine, the same one seen in the CLS 450, but modified by AMG. It’s thus part of A NEWLY formed hybrid family, of which the AMG Project ONE Hypercar sits at the top of. Expect the New A45S to also come with EQ power, as it’s rumoured to be developed at the AMG performance powertrains, where the Project ONE and F1 cars are made. This “53” set up is also in the CLS and upcoming AMG GT 4 door, so an important first experience.

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