The Streamliner Case – Mercedes-Benz original

The restoration of the 540 K Streamliner represents one of the most complex projects ever undertaken by Mercedes-Benz Classic. Virtually every part needed no longer existed, so every detail either needed to be created or tracked down in the Mercedes-Benz Classic Collection. But how far back in time did Mercedes-Benz have to go to complete this complex restoration project? All the way back to 1938, when this vehicle was first built, to help build a unique, one-off creation. In 1938, the Special Vehicle Production Unit at the Sindelfingen Plant spent every single day, year after year, building the very finest exclusive cars. The plant developed a certain routine, and their modern-day successors at Mercedes-Benz Classic encountered the question time and time again during various stages of their work: “How did they do that?” Overcoming these challenges and improving the original methods helped make the new 540 K Streamliner restoration as precise as possible. For more information, please visit

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