The New 2021 MERCEDES S CLASS is a Complete TECH FEST!

The new 2021 Mercedes-Benz S Class is an absolute technology overload! Every new S Class model has always been a pioneer and the new car is even more extraordinary than ever with features like the automated valet parking, augmented reality heads-up display, 10 degree rear wheel steering and exceptional park pilot and so much more. Let’s check it out!

Whenever a new Mercedes S Class model arrives on the market, everyone has to take notice as without fail it brings a host of new technologies that we will eventually see filtering down through the range in future. The new car is no different and features a huge number of safety, driving and comfort features never seen before.

From the exterior, a particular highlight is the rear wheel steering up to 10 degrees which both enables it to have an exceptional short turning circle, but also to ‘crab’ in and out of parking spaces and offer immense maneuverability. It also offers the E Active Body Control suspension for safety systems like a side impact protection that will jump the car up in order to protect the weaker impact points. Naturally a vast level of autonomous driving capability is on offer including the particularly impressive Automated Valet Parking that we can see demonstrated at Stuttgart Airport; where quite literally you can step out and the car will embark to find a parking space in the garage all of its own accord.

Inside the tech continues, the dashboard itself is a 3D display, the new MBUX system offers 5 screens in total for full control and maximum functionality. New for the car comes the gaze control where it knows you are looking to the left or right mirrors as you go to adjust them or will automatically roll down the rear blind when you face backwards. The navigation system integrates a brilliant system for augmented reality both on the cameras brought up in the central screen and in particular on the gigantic heads-up display to give you a full visual reference of the direction to take.

With plenty of time to demonstrate the features, let’s explore the new S Class in full details, firstly with the S500 before moving to the S580 as well.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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