2024 Mercedes E-Class (W214) Interior, Exterior / More Beautiful than before

Unlike Mercedes’s soap-bar-shaped EVs, the 2024 E-class retains more traditional three-box sedan proportions, with a set-back cabin and long dash-to-axle ratio. Still, the E-class is visually linked to the EQE by the black trim between the headlights and grille. The taillights feature two star-shaped elements on either side of the full-width housing. The smooth bodywork grows a few inches wider than the outgoing sedan, and Mercedes touts improved interior space thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase.

Although the 2024 #Eclass will come standard with two displays, the high-tech interior seen here shows off an optional third screen in front of the passenger which results in a large pane of glass stretching across the rest of the dashboard. The EQS’s similar setup is dubbed “Hyperscreen,” but #Mercedes downgraded the E-class screen’s status to merely “Superscreen.” Mercedes says E-class models equipped with two screens have a large trim piece on the right side of the dashboard but didn’t provide any images showing that setup.

The rest of the cabin features rich-looking leather and metal switchgear, and ambient lighting wraps around the dashboard. An optional package allows the lighting to pulse with the beat of whatever music is playing on the Burmester surround sound system. The light strip can also display visual alerts from the driver assistance systems.

Mercedes is proud of the new entertainment options, with the infotainment system now drawing from a single onboard computer. If properly equipped, the passenger can stream videos and games while on the move, thanks to a system that blocks the content if a dashboard-mounted camera senses the driver’s eyes wandering from the road towards the screen. Mercedes also installed several third-party apps on the central display, including TikTok, web browser Vivaldi, and Angry Birds, while the built-in entertainment system allows for streaming as part of a subscription program.

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