NEW 2024 Mercedes E-CLASS INTERIOR 3 Screens and Selfie Camera

The new 2024 #Mercedes-Benz E-Class interior is described as sporty, high-quality, and digital. It combines digital and analogue luxury, and the newly designed icons on the screens are more intuitive for drivers. The instrument panel shapes the digital experience, and the #MBUX Superscreen extends to the central display if the car is equipped with the optional front passenger screen. The Active #Ambient Lighting illuminates the front section of the instrument panel. The seat surfaces and backrest have a layer design that follows the organic beauty of shells, and the range of interior colours and trims convey a technoid character. The main icons on the displays are now simpler and colour-coded to match smartphone tiles, and the graphics of the screens can be individualised. Overall, the interior of the new #EClass is designed to provide a holistic and futuristic driving experience.

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