New 2024 Mercedes Benz E Class Interior Design – Amaxwire

The instrument panel shapes the digital experience in the interior. If the #EClass is equipped with the optional front passenger screen, the large glass surface of the #MBUX Superscreen extends to the central display. Visually detached from this is the high-resolution instrument cluster display in the driver’s field of vision.

The contour of the cover glass is dynamic in design. For the central display, the glass surface is extended downwards accordingly. The profile becomes flat towards the outer edges. A narrow nozzle band nestles against the upper contour of the glass surface, connecting the central nozzle with the outer nozzles to form a single unit.

The models without a passenger display feature a large trim element that extends to the centre. Visually detached, the central display appears to float above the concave surface of this trim element.

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